Apple Innovation Making Waves

Apple’s innovation was on display again today.  Another keynote product launch has come and gone.  A few surprises have emerged, but mostly the rumours have finally been put to rest as the suspicions of two new iPhones and a new Apple Watch were unveiled.

The most remarkable aspect of this whole event is the attention that it draws.  In summary it was just the launch of a new phone and a new watch.  Both of which will be competing in a very saturated market.  But as usual, all eyes are on Apple.

Apple is a trend setter, but not necessarily in the usual way.  They aren’t necessarily about just doing ‘new’ things.  They are about doing things better.  Most importantly, they capture everyone’s attention at key moments for maximum impact.

Apple has built one of the strongest brands in history.  Today’s Keynote product launch is a testament to this.

There will be critics and naysayers along the way, but Apple’s magic of captivating imaginations and interest is unquestionable.

On top, at the peak of their game.  Changing history one iPhone at a time.