Balancing a Busy Life

Juggling roles as a husband, father, employee, entrepreneur, and student can create an imbalanced and chaotic life.  Learning disciplines to navigate those roles should be a key priority.  There’s only one chance to do life well, don’t waste it.

I wish I could report that I’ve done well handling all my responsibilities and roles.  Unfortunately, I’ve failed on numerous occasions.  But I have learned quickly, adapting to all that life has thrown at me; learning many disciplines to help keep on top of my many roles.

A balanced life, for the sake of balance will only yield minimal results.  We need to know first what roles we hold, and what responsibilities are attached to each of those roles.

Knowing what specifically needs taken care of is a major first step in sorting out where to place time and effort while navigating work and family. Some responsibilities at work can be outsourced (warning: don’t try this with your family!).  Empowering others can not only help you to keep the main thing your focus, it could also release greater confidence in your employees or co-workers looking for more opportunity.

We all coexist within a community.  Those communities should exist to build up and encourage everyone that is a part of it.  Whether it’s a community of family members, co-workers, or a group pursuing a hobby, we are all part of something greater than ourselves.

Communities enable people to achieve far more than they could on their own.

I share all that to share these articles:

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These articles are simple and diverse.  A balance of opinions on living a good life.

Take all wisdom you can grab to develop a mindset and habits to do life well, no matter what roles you are juggling.






Photo ©2013 Natalie Thompson