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Part 3: Choosing Your Character

In your story, you are the main character. Your dreams, goals, and vision should be the centerpiece of your life.  However, sometimes the characters take the story off track.  This can be caused by both the main character (you) or the supporting cast (others).  Either way, it’s your responsibility to ensure your story stays focused; getting […]

What’s Your Story

This past weekend I was honored to teach at Days of  Grace Fellowship in Morton for their Sunday services.  I received so much positive feedback I am going to post some of the highlights on my presentation for you here. Don’t worry, I’m not going to text dump the entire thing.  In fact, it will be […]

Live Your Story

Some stories will captivate people for generations.  Will your story be one of those stories? Live your story so it will be worth telling.  Live your story like it will be told to the generations. Imagine if more people took the time to think through their daily routines, knowing one day what they do will be told as […]

Need Permission?

Often when we need to make tough decisions we look for the permission or approval of our leaders before we make decisions.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with asking opinions or getting counsel on a subject, but I think many people want a scapegoat in case the decision produces a less desirable outcome.  This […]

Work Smarter not Harder

There can be great value in putting your head down and plowing through a task or job. However, refusing to reflect and plan can lead to burnout. Time seems to move at a dizzying pace.  In this environment many people jump from task to task without taking the time to have a healthy evaluation of what […]

Embrace Technology

The only constant with technology is change. Taking steps to increase productivity and profit from your work must include implementation of new technology.  So get used to change! One of the pitfalls of the changing landscape of technology is users not allowing themselves to fully embrace the technology they use.  When change becomes a constant people […]

Choose Wisely

There is a lot of noise being created throughout our media saturated universe.  People are shouting all day long, hoping to be heard.  If we don’t take the time to choose our message wisely, what we say will simply be adding to the noise. It takes persistence, revision, and strategy to frame a good message.  A […]

Maintain Integrity

One of the few things you can spend a lifetime building, and a second destroying. Integrity. It should be one of the highest values in modern society.  Unfortunately in many cases it has fallen by the wayside.  Corporations, governments, and individuals are rarely taken seriously in the public spotlight.  Spin seems to always be present […]

Leaders are Readers

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” – Harry S. Truman Information flow in the 21st century is fast paced and image driven.  Not entirely a bad thing, except many are forgetting the standards of literacy that brought about the growth in information technology to get humanity to this point in history. I’ll have […]