Choose Wisely

There is a lot of noise being created throughout our media saturated universe.  People are shouting all day long, hoping to be heard.  If we don’t take the time to choose our message wisely, what we say will simply be adding to the noise.

It takes persistence, revision, and strategy to frame a good message.  A memorable message is hard to come by.  But with some hard work, anyone can get there if they want to. If you’re taking the time to say something, you should take the time to make sure you’re heard.

Persistence:  Find what you are passionate about and frame those ideas.  Let your area of expertise add it’s own unique and individual voice to everything you say.  Don’t try to copy what everyone else is saying.

Revision:  Once you think you know what you want to say.  Revise it.  Then revise it again. And again.  I had a professor once share with me that he was always revising.  I’ve never forgotten that lesson, and I’ve put those words to practice.  Don’t settle.

Strategy:  Know how and where you want to say it.  Poorly timed messages will at best be glanced at or heard and quickly dismissed.  Research how your message can stand out most effectively and where to place that message for maximum effectiveness.  If you don’t have a strategy, goals may never be achieved.  Don’t wing it, plan.





photo ©willypd / DollarPhotoClub