Continually Learning

Be hungry for knowledge.  You will need new knowledge during every season of life.  Wake up each day ready to learn.  Education is a never ending process.

The skills you learn to help navigate the last 5 years of your life are probably not going to help as much with the next 5.  It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but it makes the adventure of life interesting.  Providing new challenges to overcome and wisdom to gain.

Being a self-motivated educator is key to assisting throughout this process.  Set yourself up for a win with habits and strategies that set you out on a course for learning something new that will help you be better.

Along with education, having wise people around can position you to avoid making careless mistakes.

Many have forged a path ahead of us, and seeking their insight and wisdom in life situations can save time and energy.  I know I will be forever indebted to many that have done much of the hard work, making mistakes and learning on the path ahead of me.  It’s like drafting while in a race car.   You ride along in the slipstream of the car in front, enabling you to gain speed and keep steady momentum to finish the race strong.  You finish much stronger and faster than if you’re doing the race by yourself.

Get a wise mentor.

Get resources to educate you to do your job or role better.

Finally, execute what you’ve learned and win.




photo courtesy of ra2 studio /DollarPhotoClub