Maintain Integrity

One of the few things you can spend a lifetime building, and a second destroying.


It should be one of the highest values in modern society.  Unfortunately in many cases it has fallen by the wayside.  Corporations, governments, and individuals are rarely taken seriously in the public spotlight.  Spin seems to always be present and the audience knows it.  Even reality tv shows have been known to script and stage their shows to appeal to their audience.

People don’t know who to trust.  People are searching; hoping to find someone with integrity they can trust.

Will that person be you?

If integrity is something that we value, it will be a challenge to maintain.  It is worth it.

Keeping our integrity requires attention to the smallest details of life.  Examining our intentions and interactions with everyone and everything around us.

Integrity builds trust.  Trust builds relationships.  Relationships build people’s lives.  When integrity is lost in the relationship, trust is diminished and the relationship becomes wounded.

Personal integrity needs constantly examined to be maintained.

It’s absence will eventually cause a downfall.  From Nixon to Enron, the results can be catastrophic.

Decide today to be a person of integrity.  In every sphere of life.



© Clayton Heilman 2013