Need Permission?

Often when we need to make tough decisions we look for the permission or approval of our leaders before we make decisions.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with asking opinions or getting counsel on a subject, but I think many people want a scapegoat in case the decision produces a less desirable outcome.  This process only slows productivity.

Our leaders, managers, and supervisors most likely have a lot on their plate.  Fitting in evaluating and making decisions for you is probably not on their agenda every morning.  If you have been given an area to be responsible for, you have been given permission already.

Take the time to evaluate your own decisions.  Get counsel when necessary.  Then make your decision.  On your own.  You will find the more experience you get you will feel more comfortable making decisions.

If people around see your confident decision making they will be more likely to jump on board and support you.  Confidence is key.

Your supervisor doesn’t get paid to do your job, you do!  Act confident when it comes to making decisions and taking responsibility.  You will be surprised how far this mindset can propel you forward.



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