Life is long.  Life is challenging.  But most importantly, life should be enjoyable! Don’t spend countless hours, wasting time on things you aren’t passionate about.  You may have seasons where you need to work hard at something you don’t like to gain more freedom in an area you love.  Don’t let that season stretch into a lifetime. […]

Chase Your Passion

People juggle many roles and titles throughout their life.  Volumes could be written on how to manage those roles well.  Few people navigate life without regret, receiving battle wounds from the many trials we face. A common factor when people publicly err is usually a confusion of priorities and roles.  People try to get ahead in […]

Know Your Role

Our minds are frequently presented with new information.  It’s accessible everywhere.  Our tv, computer, newspaper, and even our phones.  Any question or problem can be quickly addressed and even answered within a matter of minutes.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs have become modern information technology heroes, providing quick easy access to anything we can imagine […]

Sorting Through The Garbage

Change is inevitable.  It comes at us all from many different directions, in many different ways. Changes in economies, cultures, and ways we interact affect how we do life every day.  The most successful people learn early how to navigate change.  Here are 3 key steps to healthy change habits: 1.  Brace yourself for it. […]

3 Ways to Embrace Change

The recent outbreak of events in Ferguson, Missouri has scarred the image of public officials and the local police force.  This entire incident has been masked in obscurity and poor news management from the outset. You can view a timeline of the events here. Candlelight vigils in memory of Michael Brown have turned into violent looting and rioting.  Police […]

Full Disclosure

With social media changing the way communication happens, many businesses or non-profit groups are racing to get into the game.  Leaders see success stories and think they can repeat that for themselves or their business. Having witnessed first-hand many failed ventures, I wanted to share three common rookie mistakes. Don’t allow yourself to fall into these traps: […]

3 Social Media Strategies to Avoid

Having recently written about introverts here, I wanted to add a few thoughts to the conversation. Communication is a two way street.  There are talkers, and there are listeners.  Often a shy person’s strength is found on the listening side of the equation.  And that’s not such a bad thing. The art of listening is […]

Listen Up

Keep it Simple. Three words to live by. We can continuously put them into practice. The more you exercise simplicity, the more control you will have in life.

Keep It Simple

Developing creative ideas and not following them through leads to their death. The word creativity is used everywhere.  It has become a trendy buzzword.  Business leaders and entrepreneurs often talk how highly it is valued in the marketplace.  Underfunded non-profits value it for making their dreams come to life.  The music and art industries thrive and […]

Exercising Creativity