Over the past year I’ve been heavily involved creating and growing social media strategies for a ministry I was leading.  Being placed in my care, the social media accounts were full of potential, but lacking in followers and engagement. When you start with nothing, there’s room for much growth. My expectations have been blown away over […]

Where to start with social media?

Public debate is a key factor in what keeps our culture moving forward.  An informed society is a healthy one.  Leaders can’t make the best decisions and people can’t elect policy makers without it. Debate is taking new shapes and forms.  The internet and social media are changing the way we communicate.  Often more quickly than people can […]

A Win for Public Debate

Navigating life as an introvert can get complicated.  For most of my life I have allowed my shy nature to define who I was and what I did.  By the time I’d finished college I decided it was time to break free of the weight of that label. It took a lot of trial and error. […]

Life as an Introvert

Every decision we make ripples it’s effects into different areas of our life.  The way we live effects our future.  People around us are impacted.  Future generations could even feel the effects of today’s decisions. All of our decisions are significant.  Some decisions may take years to make, others can be made in an instant. […]

Know Where You Want to Go

This past week was spent thinking and doing nothing.  It was glorious. I don’t mean I literally did nothing all week, but I didn’t have goals or deadlines for anything.  My mind and body were at perfect rest.  No appointments, no agenda, no headaches for seven wonderful days. At the end of this week I […]

A Renewed Mind

The leaves have fallen off the trees.  The air is chilled.  Windy, cloudy afternoons outnumber the sunny ones.  A new season has arrived. After graduating from Hillsong International Leadership College I am as primed as ever to step into this new season of life. Having spent the past three years working and volunteering in a […]

Time For a Change

Sometimes the determining factor of winning is simply sticking around longer than anyone else. I know it sounds simple, but most people don’t have the resolve to fight through things to the end.  Either getting distracted or frustrated and moving on. My advice for today; if you’re passionate about something, keep showing up. Victory is […]


It’s hard to imagine yourself as inflexible until you are pushed to the snapping point.  We all lean towards routines of comfort and ease. Rarely choosing to meander outside of our comfort zones.  And once outside of those comfort zones, quickly retreating to our safe habits and routines; hiding from the dangerous areas of life that stretch […]

Be Flexible, Don’t Snap

As much as I love routines and habits, from time-to-time it’s refreshing to break free and be spontaneous.  Recently my boys and I decided to plan some adventuring. I managed to make a routine trip to a camera shop a day of adventure for the boys and I.  Doing a bit of searching online, I found […]

Homebush Adventures