We headed to the local zoo this past weekend.  We found Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney’s western suburbs and spent the day among the koalas and wallabies. The weather was incredible.  The sun was shining bright on this beautiful winter day, warming us with a comfortable 21 degree afternoon.   We had never seen many […]

Up Close With the Wildlife

  It is hard to imagine finding myself in this current situation.  I’ve gone on an incredible journey over the past 3 years through serving the church and deepening my relationship with God.  I’ve been blown away with all the things God has done in my life.  However, I am finding out that I really […]

What Do I Know?

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here and a lot has happened. I am glad to say we have a more permanent residence for our family.   We connected with a college alum with two spare bedrooms for rent and was looking specifically for a family to fill them.  We were happy […]

So Far So Good

Jet lag has the effect of making the first few days seem like an eternity.  Our sleep schedule has made getting settled a bit of a challenge.  We were fully aware of these challenges before we left, but it hasn’t made it any easier. Every day moves at the speed of a snail.  We have […]

Hitting the Ground Running

The sun was silently rising as we flew into Sydney this morning.  Landing in our new home.  Starting a new season. Today is a new day.  A fresh start on a new journey; a journey full of potential; a journey full of promise.  The sun is here to light the way.  Today is the first […]

The Sunrise

Leaving on a jet to cross the globe can be a scary proposition. Moving the family and all our possessions half way around the world wasn’t the easiest decision to make.If Emily and I hadn’t agreed this was the best decision for our family we never would be here arriving in a foreign destination with […]

Leaving On a Jet Plane