Part 2: Framing the Story

Every story has a plot, including yours.  You may feel like your life is uneventful and mundane, but I assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How you feel about your life and your story comes down to how you frame it.  Every one of our lives has challenges and triumphs.  Going through valleys and over peaks is a part of the rhythm of life.  Whether we like it or not, life happens.  How you frame those events as your story develops will determine how your story is told.

Staying positive and optimistic can be difficult in the face of some challenges.  Negative influences are everywhere, not helping your situation.  In the media, our friends and family, and the workplace are all places that can easily encourage and breed negativity if we aren’t careful about who speaks into our lives.  Even people with the best of intentions can sometimes crush our spirits with negativity from time to time.  We need more positivity to frame our lives to drown out the fear, anxiety, and negativity prevalent in our culture.

In the middle of life’s chaos we can stay optimistic.  Swimming upstream against the current of negativity, inspiring the same hope in those in our sphere of influence.

It’s all determined by how you frame your story.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of a powerful poem about both failure and triumph.

Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew…
I believe Icarus was not failing as he fell,
but just coming to the end of his triumph.

Written by Jack Gilbert, Failing and Flying is a powerful reminder of how we frame a story can determine how the story is told.  You can read the full poem here.

I encourage you today, frame your story positively.  Be an agent of positivity amidst a negative world.