Part 3: Choosing Your Character

In your story, you are the main character.

Your dreams, goals, and vision should be the centerpiece of your life.  However, sometimes the characters take the story off track.  This can be caused by both the main character (you) or the supporting cast (others).  Either way, it’s your responsibility to ensure your story stays focused; getting you where you need to go.  Plan on making your character the focal point in your story.

There are 4 things that determine the direction of your story: talent, character, values, and influences.

First, your talents limit what you can accomplish in life.  Talent can be both natural or nurtured.  The dilemma we all face is determining which natural gifts should be nurtured.  Nurturing the right talents can help fulfill our dreams.  As your dreams guide you into the future you desire, assess your talents.  Then decide what can be improved or refined.

Second, your character supports your talents.  As your talents are nurtured, you character be developed.  We have all seen ‘firework’ stars in business or entertainment.  Individuals who rise so quickly they don’t have the strength or discipline in their character and inevitably crash and burn.  Build your character early as your talents grow to avoid future problems.

Promotion and influence should challenge you to discipline your character.  Disciplined character building should accompany all talent growth.

Choosing your character can be the most crucial aspect of your story.  As you build your character that can define not only who you become, but who will surround you as well.

Third, you choose the values you want to shape your character and support your talents.  Your values should be clearly defined and evident in how you act and behave.  Your actions define your values.  Defined values help navigate life’s seasons; getting you to your destination.

Finally, the defining factor that will shape the direction of your story is your influences.  The people influencing your life will define your values, shape your character, and either encourage or discourage you in your quest to build and exercise your talents.  Your parents, friends, and role models will help you define yourself.  The people surrounding you will influence you, whether you like it or not.  This can be a good thing, but often it can be detrimental to your story.

How many stories of failure and heartache start with ‘they just fell in with the wrong crowd’?

Be cautious who and how people influence your story.  It’s your story, ensure you get where you need to go.  Every character undergoes development, discipline yourself to lean into positive growth.

Build Your Character wisely.

Choose supporting character strategically.

Give your story purpose and fulfill it.