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What’s Your Story

This past weekend I was honored to teach at Days of  Grace Fellowship in Morton for their Sunday services.  I received so much positive feedback I am going to post some of the highlights on my presentation for you here. Don’t worry, I’m not going to text dump the entire thing.  In fact, it will be […]

Live Your Story

Some stories will captivate people for generations.  Will your story be one of those stories? Live your story so it will be worth telling.  Live your story like it will be told to the generations. Imagine if more people took the time to think through their daily routines, knowing one day what they do will be told as […]

Find Your Fuel

Self awareness is something we could all use more of.  Knowing what makes us tick is a key element to our success. Know what inspires you.  Know what fuels you.  Know what releases your creative potential. Find your creative fuel! Everyone is wired differently.  There is no one size fits all solution to life’s problems.  What works […]

Chase Your Passion

Life is long.  Life is challenging.  But most importantly, life should be enjoyable! Don’t spend countless hours, wasting time on things you aren’t passionate about.  You may have seasons where you need to work hard at something you don’t like to gain more freedom in an area you love.  Don’t let that season stretch into a lifetime. […]

3 Social Media Strategies to Avoid

With social media changing the way communication happens, many businesses or non-profit groups are racing to get into the game.  Leaders see success stories and think they can repeat that for themselves or their business. Having witnessed first-hand many failed ventures, I wanted to share three common rookie mistakes. Don’t allow yourself to fall into these traps: […]

Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple. Three words to live by. We can continuously put them into practice. The more you exercise simplicity, the more control you will have in life.

Exercising Creativity

Developing creative ideas and not following them through leads to their death. The word creativity is used everywhere.  It has become a trendy buzzword.  Business leaders and entrepreneurs often talk how highly it is valued in the marketplace.  Underfunded non-profits value it for making their dreams come to life.  The music and art industries thrive and […]


Sometimes the determining factor of winning is simply sticking around longer than anyone else. I know it sounds simple, but most people don’t have the resolve to fight through things to the end.  Either getting distracted or frustrated and moving on. My advice for today; if you’re passionate about something, keep showing up. Victory is […]